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Peter Allen, Senior Industrial Officer

Peter Allen has had a variety of jobs in his working life. He's worked as a bingo-caller, a labourer at Expo ‘88, a technician at a small marine electronics firm and an employee of Telecom Australia. Peter started working fulltime for the ALP in 1991. He has also worked as an Organiser/Industrial Officer for 3 years at Professional Officers Association (now the QPSU).

Peter Allen moved to the Australian Services Union (Clerical Division) as an organiser. He looked after the Airline Industry for 3 years.

Peter took a job at the LHMU (the Misso's) for 5 years as an Organiser and eventually as the Lead Organiser. He covered members in schools, pubs, clubs, universities and numerous small firms.

Peter’s been with the RTBU for 6 years as an Industrial Officer and member of the National Executive.

"The RTBU is a hugely challenging place to work. Even though we only look after a few industries, there is a huge amount of diversity in what our members do. I have a lot of respect for our workplace leaders. They operate magnificently in rapidly changing times, and in an often hostile environment,” Peter said.

“It is both hostile because of Queensland’s rough geography and tough opposition that they face from the top. Our delegates and members are the finest a union official could hope to work with," he said.

Outside of work hours, Peter’s interests include photography, electronics, politics and renovating his house.