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Privatisation Plan: BCC Buses


In April 2013, the LNP Government considered the recommendations from the Queensland Commission of Audit (Costello Report) on a number of matters including the outsourcing of bus operations to the private sector.

Whilst the LNP Cabinet rejected some of the recommendations they accepted in entirety the recommendation to tender out all bus operations, including BCC (see the attached “A Plan – Better Services for Queenslanders”, Government document) which can be found on the Government webpage, link below.

The specific recommendation was ”competitive tendering be introduced for bus service contracts throughout Queensland, including evaluating the number of routes serviced and frequencies, franchisees and franchise areas before initiating the tender.”

Members will see from the attachment or from the Government webpage referred to above that the Queensland Government’s response to this was “accepted”.

The bottom line is that this is currently the Government policy in respect of the way in which BCC buses along with other bus services should be treated in the future.

This means that the LNP Government, if elected, will no doubt be stating that voting for their Government was voting for their policies which included the one referred to above.

This Government is taking the tender out of BCC buses to the election and are asking the people of Queensland to vote on this.

However, the reality is that 95% of those voting are highly unlikely to be aware that this is indeed Government policy.

The RTBU is mounting a significant campaign against the Newman Government’s intention to tender out your jobs to the private sector. No doubt, during this campaign, the LNP will say that BCC may well win the contract. The reality is that just like Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth; Liberal Governments with an ideology that the private sector can operate services better than the public sector will almost certainly ensure that the responsibility for the operation of buses in the future falls to the hands of a private Australian or overseas transport operator.

It is essential that we get the message through during this election campaign and I therefore urge members to volunteer to participate in the campaign against the privatisation of the BCC bus operations. If you are interested in participating in any way please advise you Depot delegate or contact the RTBU Office on 3839 4988 to talk to one of your Full-Time Officials.

The outcome of the campaign over the next 18 days may well determine the security of your employment into the future.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch

A Plan - Better Services for Queenslanders - Government Document
Website: Better Services - A Plan - Better Services for Queenslanders