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Campaign Launch Against BCC Bus Privatisation

I refer members to the RTBU Newsletter released on Tuesday, 13th January which provided members with details of the Government’s plans to privatise BCC Bus Services.

This weekend the RTBU will be launching our major campaign against the Newman Government’s decision to privatise these services. We want to thank those members who have already volunteered to actively get involved and also encourage members to put their name down to participate in one way or another in the upcoming campaign. It is now that we need members to stand up to this challenge as we are seeking maximise the pressure on the Newman Government over this policy.

Whilst you were directed to it in the last circular to the Government’s web page with a commitment to tender out your jobs, very few people in Brisbane know of its existence but that will not stop the Government from declaring a mandate at the other side of the election if they are successful on 31st January, this year.

What we need to do is make sure the Brisbane public know about the privatisation plans. That is what we want volunteers to help with. There is a plan to promote the anti-privatisation message, but we need members and their family where possible to be actively involved in it over the next two weeks.

Remember the simple solution for the LNP to stop our campaign is to give a definite commitment that the tendering out process for your jobs will not proceed as planned during the life of the next Government. It is up to us to put pressure on them.

If you are prepared to participate in the anti-BCC bus privatisation campaign please complete the form below. Thank you and let the campaign commence.

Please return the below form to the State Office, your Divisional Secretary, Tom Brown, or your Depot Delegate.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch

Hands off our buses

If you are prepared to participate in the anti-BCC bus privatisation campaign - please complete the form by clicking this link.